Meetings & Events

We are an active and vibrant club in the community. At our meetings, we host speakers from the local area and beyond to share information about organizations, events, and other interesting topics. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join us at our meetings. We'd love to have you!

Date Type Title
01/24/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Katherine Hage

01/31/2018 Meeting

Social Event to be determined

01/31/2018 Event

Social Event!

02/01/2018 Meeting
02/07/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Bill Huff

02/07/2018 Committee

Review projects

02/14/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Bill Huff

02/14/2018 Committee

Review portfolio

02/14/2018 Meeting
02/21/2018 Meeting

Host is Jerry Hier

02/28/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Jim Weaver

03/01/2018 Meeting
03/07/2018 Committee

Review projects

03/14/2018 Meeting
03/14/2018 Committee

Review Portfolio