Meetings & Events

We are an active and vibrant club in the community. At our meetings, we host speakers from the local area and beyond to share information about organizations, events, and other interesting topics. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join us at our meetings. We'd love to have you!

Date Type Title
07/17/2018 Event

For Alta Loma H.S. and Upland H.S Key Clubs

07/18/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Carrie Roy

07/18/2018 Event

5:30   Dinner & Social

6:30 Open Meeting

07/19/2018 Event

Need helpers and supervisors for Key Club   Set up 6 pm

07/20/2018 Event

water battle

07/21/2018 Event

Division 15

07/25/2018 Meeting
07/26/2018 Event

Need Helpers & supervisors for Key Clubers  Set Up at 6 pm

08/01/2018 Meeting
08/02/2018 Meeting
08/02/2018 Event

Need helpers & supervisors for Key Club Set up 6 pm

08/06/2018 Meeting

Move to Monday because of Incredible Edibles

08/08/2018 Meeting

Hosted by Ray Musser

08/08/2018 Meeting
08/09/2018 Event

CalNeHa District Convention